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Merseyside Garden Turf

Experience the joy of a stunning lawn with our professional garden turf services.

The Best Garden Turf Services for Your Outdoor Oasis

Morgans Landscapes Garden Turf

What is garden turf?

Garden turf is a great way to create a beautiful, green lawn quickly and easily. It’s a layer of grass that has been grown and harvested as a roll, making it simple to transport and install. Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing lawn or create a new one from scratch, garden turf is an excellent option.

Why choose garden turf?

Garden turf is a quick and easy way to transform your outdoor space. It provides a lush, green lawn that can be enjoyed all year round. Unlike grass seed, which can take weeks to germinate and grow, garden turf provides instant results. It’s also less susceptible to weeds and requires less maintenance than a seeded lawn.

Our garden turf installation process

Our experienced team will start by measuring the area where you want your new lawn to be installed. We’ll then prepare the ground, removing any existing grass and weeds and ensuring that the soil is level and free of debris. We’ll then lay the garden turf in place, ensuring that it’s properly installed and that there are no gaps between the rolls. Once the turf is in place, we’ll water it thoroughly and provide you with care instructions to ensure that it takes root and grows properly.

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